Deduper for Outlook Screenshot

Deduper - Outlook Duplicate Remover

Search and remove all Outlook duplicates.

Topalt Reports for Outlook Screenshot

Topalt Reports for Outlook

Create email amount report to count emails received during certain time.

vCard Import-Export Screenshot

vCard Import-Export

Import vCard to Outlook contacts, or export contacts to vCard files in large quantities.

Calendar Import-Export Screenshot

Calendar Import-Export

Import multiple iCal/vCal files (.ics, .vcs) to Outlook calendar, or export calendar to iCal/vCal files at once.

Attachment2File for Outlook Screenshot

Attachment2File for Outlook

Manage (save/restore) attachments to files with just one mouse click.

Altsync for Outlook Screenshot

Altsync for Outlook

Synchronize, share calendar, contacts and other folders on multiple PCs in an easy way.

Syncsi for Outlook Screenshot

Syncsi for Outlook

Use Syncsi to synchronize, share or backup Outlook data in an easy way.

Dupe Remover for Outlook Express and Windows Mail Screenshot

Dupe Remover for Outlook Express and Windows Mail

Remove email duplicates with this duplicate remover.

Topalt Sync for Google and iCloud Screenshot

Topalt Sync for Google and iCloud

Automatically synchronize your Outlook calendar and contacts with Google or iCloud.

Get Topalt Add-Ins Bundle for just $39.95. Bundle includes 12 add-ins:

ScheduledSend (Email Scheduler)Email Scheduler for Microsoft Outlook.
Topalt HotkeysHotkeys Utility for Microsoft Outlook.
Topalt EmoticonsBring more emotions to your emails.
Topalt Attachment ReminderNever forget to include an attachment.
Topalt Save PDFSave emails as PDF files.
Topalt Auto BccAutomatically Add BCCs to Your Emails.
Topalt Mail MergeSend mass emails quickly.
Topalt Send RemindersSend calendar reminders as emails.
Topalt Folder NotifyBe informed about changes on shared folders.
Topalt Reply ReminderReply All warning add-in.
Topalt Auto ReplyAutomatically reply to emails.
Topalt Email TemplatesInsert templates on a variety of topics.
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