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Use Canned Responses in Outlook

One of the features that Outlook is the most missing is canned responses.

Delay Email Sending With Outlook

Less known Outlook feature is an ability to delay email sending.

5 Reasons Why Outlook Gets Duplicates

There are many reasons why Outlook can get duplicates. However, below you can find the 5 most common, and solutions for each one.

How to Extract Outlook Email Addresses?

Supposedly you want to get all email addresses in some folder, e.g. because you want to send an email to all of them. Now, there is a way to do this in Outlook by exporting a folder to Excel. But this way has some limitations (such as it does not export IMAP folders).

Have Exceeded the Size Limit on Your Mailbox Problem

Read how to solve "You have exceeded the size limit on your mailbox" problem.

5 Simple Ways to Speed up Outlook

5 Simple Ways to Speed up Outlook explained - Disable Add-Ins, Download complete IMAP emails, Compact PST files, Repair PST files, Disable RSS feature.

How Can I Export Outlook Contacts to vCard File?

If you want to export all your contacts from Outlook as vCards you find that there is no easy way to do this in Outlook. A solution is to use a software such as vCard ImportExport, which simplifies the export task to just few button clicks.

How to Merge Multiple vCard Files to One File?

The reason why vCard file format is so useful is that one file can hold all your address book contacts. But how to merge multiple vCard files to one? The easiest way is to use some software such as vCard ImportExport, but there is another way without using any software, but windows command line interface.

10 Useful Outlook Command Line Switches

One of the most overlooked Outlook features is it’s launching with command line switches. Here we outline the 10 most useful.