Deduper for Outlook FAQ

How does Outlook merge work?

Deduper can merge all types of Outlook duplicates. This is most useful in case of duplicate contacts. Merging works the following way:

Deduper shows wrong Outlook profile, how can I change that?

Deduper connects to default Outlook profile. To use other than default profile, change default profile by going to Control Panel > Mail > Profiles.

Can Deduper - Outlook Duplicate Remover merge duplicates?

Yes, Deduper supports merging. You can choose this option on “Removal Settings” > "Merging and Deleting".

Merging works in the following way - once two duplicate items are found (e.g. contact1 and contact2), if one item has some data (contact1 phone number) that is not on another (contact2), this data is copied to other item (contact1 phone number to contact2). But if both items have this data but it differs, no merging occurs. So, merging is a safe way to remove duplicates, which does not destroy any data.

Note: Attachment merging is not supported.

How to delete duplicate messages in Outlook?

Follow these steps to delete duplicate messages in Microsoft Outlook:

Is this application an Add-In?

No, this application runs separately from Outlook and does not interfere with it.

What email account types this application support?

This application works with POP3, IMAP and Exchange email accounts. So, it works with all types of email accounts.

What is the difference between fast and detailed search?

"Fast search" compares only first 255 characters of each field specified on "Search Settings". Meanwhile, "Detailed search" compares whole field. Since detailed search requires to compare more data, it is slower, but can be useful in some occasions.

I have a problem with activation. What should I do?

That depends on your problem. Problems can be categorized by error message:

"Incorrect activation code!" - make sure that you enter your name exactly as it appears on your order e-mail (case sensitive).

"Activation code is not valid for current version." - free upgrades are provided for 1 year after purchase, to use the version released later than this, you should purchase an upgrade (costs 50% of the original price). Please contact us to get an upgrade.

How to remove duplicate contacts in Outlook?

Follow these steps to remove duplicate contacts in Microsoft Outlook:

How to remove duplicate calendar entries in Outlook?

Follow these steps to remove duplicate calendar entries in Microsoft Outlook: