8 Rarely Known Outlook Features

1. Export any Outlook folder to Excel file or CSV file. Just click File > Open > Import > Export to a file.

2. Use Conditional Formatting to highlight your most important mails. By default, conditional formatting makes unread messages bold. By adding your own customizations, you can highlight the messages that are most important to you. E.g. you can set all messages from your boss appear red. Click here fore more info.

3. Enter dates as natural language instead of numeric date. E.g. create a new appointment and enter three days, one week, two years, 8 hours, 2 days ago, new year's, new years, june 8, july fourteen, yesterday, last year, last tuesday, independence day, 1 minute as a date and it will automatically be converted to actual date.

4. Send emails on a later date. Click here fore more info.

5. View email messages by conversation. Click here fore more info.

6. Use contact categories instead of distribution lists. Click here fore more info.

7. Send your availability calendar. When you create an email message, click Insert > Calendar to insert your availability calendar.

8. Automatically move your old emails to an archive. Click here fore more info.