Can I run Calendar Import Export from command line?

Yes, it is possible to run Calendar Import-Export from command-line to import or export Outlook calendar. See examples below.

  • To import -x 0 "Calendar EntryID"*** "Contacts StoreID"*** "Windows folder with vCal/iCal to import" 0(duplicate managemet option index)
  • To export -x 1 "Calendar EntryID"*** "Contacts StoreID"*** "Windows folder for calendar to be exported" 7(export appointments created in last 7 days) 0(Save to one file, 0 - no, -1 - yes) 0(iCal - 0, vCal - 1) "SQL Filter"
  • To split -x 2 "Single calendar" "Folder with splitted calendars"
  • To combine -x 3 "Folder with multiple calendars" "Folder with combined calendar"
  • To import from web -x 0 "Calendar EntryID"*** "Contacts StoreID"*** "internet calendar web address" 0(duplicate managemet option index)

Example export command

calie.exe -x 1 "00000000B857F1ED429AAF438BE0EDE7781ACEF122810000" "0000000038A1BB1005E5101AA1BB08002B2A56C200006D73" "D:\" 7 0 0 "LastModificationTime >= '2012-01-01' and LastModificationTime <= '2012-01-14'"

Alternatively (this can fail in some scenarios)

calie.exe -x 1 "\\Outlook\Calendar" "dummystring" "D:\" 7 0 0 "LastModificationTime >= '2012-01-01' and LastModificationTime <= '2012-01-14'"

*** To find EntryID and StoreID, do the selected task over GUI, then click Start > Run, type "%appdata%", navigate to Topalt\Calendar ImportExport\ and open config.xml. It should be listed there.