An Easy Fix if Outlook 2016 Constantly Asking for Login Info

Is your Outlook constantly asking to enter your login info, although you have entered it a million times and also checked the box to remember the password? This problem sometimes appears, if your credential manager entries are corrupted.

Follow these steps to fix this problem:

  1. First, close Microsoft Outlook.
  2. Click Windows start button and type "Credential" to see a "Credential Manager" entry appear.
  3. Start "Credential Manager".
  4. Click on "Windows Credentials" to list local credentials.
  5. Under "Generic Credentials" you should see some credentials related to Outlook or Office. Most likely, they will be listed as "Modified: Today".
  6. Delete these credentials.
  7. Start Outlook and hopefully enter your login info for the last time.

Upon completing these steps, your problem with Outlook 2016 constantly asking for login info should be solved for good.