How To Be More Productive With Microsoft Outlook?

TIP: Latest version of Topalt Reports for Outlook allows to generate reports on hours you get most of your emails.

Although a lot of people use Outlook, not a lot spend some time to know all the features it has to offer really. Most people have not read a website on Outlook until now and likely never took a course. Here we outline three simple tips to get better results out of your work with Outlook.

Work with Outlook at the time you are needed the most

Usually, there is a time when you get most of your emails and the time where virtually none is received. Track those times with Topalt Reports and get reports about your email traffic so that you can be at your computer during those traffic jams.

Create rules to handle e-mails

Rules can be the most readily useful trick to enhancing your overall productivity. We all get some emails that are not mean to be read but should to be kept - such as subscription notifications, various receipts and other. For such cases, it is useful to create rules to move such emails to a different folder for archiving and to be read later if needed. Here where the rules come in handy. To create a rule follow these steps:

  1. Click File tab.
  2. Click Manage Rules & Alerts.
  3. Click New Rule.

Use and create quick steps

"Quick steps" are something similar to rules, but executed manually, instead of automatically. It is useful if you need doing such operations only sometimes and not all the time. Here how to create "Quick steps":

  1. Select some emails in your Outlook and click Home tab.
  2. Find "Quick Steps" group.
  3. Click Manage Quick Steps.
  4. Modify selected Quick Steps based on your needs.