How to Create a Mass Email in Outlook?

TIP: Use Topalt Mail Merge for Outlook to conveniently mass send emails.

Supposedly you want to send a mass email in Outlook (or write single mass reply to many emails). Below are the steps on how to do this:

  1. Drag all the emails from the people you want to send the email to into a new mail folder (highlight all using “ Ctrl + a” or select each one individually).
  2. Go to "File" Import Export on Outlook menu.
  3. Select Export to file, select your new folder.
  4. Export to comma separated excel file (CSV).
  5. Highlight and copy all the email addresses on the excel sheet.
  6. In Outlook menu, go to "File" New distribution list.
  7. Go to "Select Members".
  8. Paste the email addresses from your excel file into 'members' field
    at bottom.

At this point you should have a distribution list with all emails that you need, which you can use for mass emailing.

Alternatively, use Topalt Mail Merge for Outlook application for convenient mass email sending.