How to import or export iCloud calendar to Microsoft Outlook?

Import iCloud calendar to Microsoft Outlook

To import iCloud calendar to Microsoft Outlook, first you have to export iCloud calendar to Calendar files. To export iCloud calendar do the following:

  1. Open iCloud Calendar.
  2. Publicly share a calendar.
  3. Select and copy web address from this public calendar and paste it to your browser.
  4. Change copied address so it begins with http instead of webcal and press Enter.
  5. Then iCal file should be downloaded to your computer.

Then copy the files to your PC with Microsoft Outlook installed. Use Calendar ImportExport application to import resulting Calendar files to Microsoft Outlook.

Export iCloud calendar to Microsoft Outlook

To export Microsoft Outlook calendar to iCloud, use Calendar ImportExport application.

Then import resulting files to iCloud. Copy Calendar files to your computer and open iCloud Calendar. Then select File > Import > Import. Locate the ICS calendar or event file that you want to add to Calendar. Click Import.