How to import or export iPhone calendar to Microsoft Outlook?

TIP: Latest version of Calendar ImportExport allows to transfer calendar automatically just by entering login info.

This post explains how to get your calendar from Outlook to iPhone, or from iPhone to Outlook.

To transfer your iPhone's calendar you should configure it to work with iCloud. Most likely, you already have it configured, but if not, follow this link to do this.

Software that needs to access iClould data must also have a separate app-specific password (it cannot use your regular iCloud password). Follow this link, to create the app-specific password. Once you have your iPhone configured with iCloud and have app-specific password ready, proceed with these steps:

  • ​​Download and install Calendar Import-Export software.
  • Now, when you run the software you will see this window:
  • Choose step 3 "Link to iCloud..." and proceed with entering your app-specific credentials.
  • Choose the calendars you want to transfer and complete the wizard.

At this point, your calendar should be successfully transferred.