How to Insert Emoticons in Outlook?

TIP: Use Topalt Emoticons to insert emoticons to your emails with a single click.

Are you tired of typing in a smiley face, only to be greeted with the standard Wingdings symbol? Then you might be looking for a way to insert new and modernized smileys. If you want to insert a new smiley into your messages then you’ll first need to create a new message. When you have your new message open, you’ll then find the option to insert an image or a symbol. Before inserting your image, you’ll need to click on the image and then auto-correct, tools and options. Here you will be able to change any text you want into an image of your choice, which is great if you are tired of the boring old smiley faces present in Outlook.

Ways to Use Emoticons in Outlook

The Replace Field

Click on the replace field and type in the characters that you would like to replace. For example, you could type in :-) and have it replaced with a smiley face of your choosing. Before you click on add or replace, you should check that the “With” option is set to formatted text, failure to do this might result in your image not being shown. When you have verified this step, click on the button that says “Add” or “Replace”. The images that you have changed will now have an asterisk (*).

Quick Walkthrough:

  • New Message
  • Insert Image
  • Select Image
  • Open Autocorrect
  • Type In Desired Characters in Replace Field
  • Click Add or Replace
  • Check for the Asterisk (*)
  • Click OK To Return

As you can see, changing your smiley faces in Outlook has never been easier and it is a great way to personalise your own messages to colleagues, friends or even family. You can change your smiley faces to anything you want, so use your imagination!

Outlook Add-On

If you had rather choose the emoticon through the use of a button, which is Outlook’s part, you may download a 3rd party add-on made for Outlook provided with emoticon support and install it. For a convenient way to insert Outlook emoticons, use Topalt Emoticons for Outlook add-in.