How to Insert Smiley Faces in Outlook Emails?

Emoticons and Emojis become really popular with the advent of instant messaging. However, there is a way to use them in your Outlook emails too. In fact, there are several ways to use those funny images in your emails:

  1. Go to Insert tab in Outlook email window. Here you will have 2 choices on how to insert the smileys:
    1. Choose "Pictures". However, this requires you to have the smileys downloaded. One of the most popular providers is EmojiOne.
    2. Choose "Online Pictures". Type smiley in find field to find smileys or any other pictures you want to insert.
  2. An easier way would be to visit some Emoji site to find the smiley you need. Then just highlight the required Emoticon and click CTRL + C on your keyboard to copy it to a system memory. Then select your email message and click CTRL + V on your keyboard to paste it into your email.
  3. However, the easiest way is to download Emoticons add-in. This adds Emoticons button straight to your Outlook for an easy access. This way you can insert a smiley to your email with a single mouse click.

Smileys became an important part of conversations in instant messaging. However, this does not mean that you should not use them in your emails. In fact, sometimes the only way to really express is by adding this funny image.