How to Merge Duplicate Contacts in Outlook for Free?

TIP: Latest version of Deduper for Outlook allows to merge duplicate contacts automatically with a single click.

Microsoft Outlook contacts might turn messy and eventually even become confusing when you have duplicate contacts added. It is easy to accidentally add duplicates, especially when you create different entries mistakenly with the email address of a contact in one, while his telephone number in another. There are also times when having Microsoft Outlook synchronized with a contact address both on a mobile device or Smartphone may add some duplicates. However, it is possible to merge duplicates with built-in automatic duplicate contacts manager within Outlook itself.

Outlook Built-In Duplicate Merge


  1. Open Microsoft Outlook on your computer.
  2. Click on “File” that should be followed by clicking on “Options” then hit on “Contacts”.
  3. Once you are already in the “Contacts” section, you will find the heading named as “Names & Filing”. Click on the check-box in order to choose the option “Check for Duplicate Contacts When Saving New Contacts”. Every time that you will add the duplicate contact, it will now let Outlook prompt you to provide the choice of combining the information coming from the two entries below a single contact.
  4. Once done, choose the option named “Update New Information from a Duplicate Contact to an Existing One” once outlook shows the dialog box for copy contact detector. After that, Outlook will make a comparison of the content fields within the two entries and will automatically add new or changed information within the new contact to the current one.

Avoiding these duplicates should be important if you want to have a well organized Outlook account. One of the most common reasons that result to contact duplication is dragging the email into the contacts folder within the navigation pane so as to create the contact automatically. Indeed, this can be the quickest way you can do to have a new contact added in Outlook, which is really true. But, when you make contacts manually as well from time to time, you might end up holding a number of contacts for similar person. For instance, when you misspell the name of the contact or key it in an incorrect way.

Outlook Add-In for Existing Duplicate Contacts

Unfortunately, this only works for already existing contacts. We recommend using outlook duplicate removal software such as Deduper for Outlook to merge already existing duplicates.