How to Remove Duplicate Contacts from Outlook For Free?

TIP: Latest version of Deduper for Outlook allows to remove duplicate contacts automatically with a single click.

One of the most frustrating problems when dealing with lots of contacts is duplicates. Now, you find that you have several duplicates of the same contact - which contact should you use? Does the contact have all required information? These are the problems most of the heavy Outlook users face sooner or later.

You can prevent this by regularly removing Outlook contact duplicates. Follow these easy steps on how to do this for free:

  1. Select Outlook contacts folder.
  2. In "View" tab click "Change View" button and choose to view your contacts as a "List".
  3. Click the arrow to sort the contacts by "Full Name" or any other field you want to base your duplicate search duplicates
  4. Now, select those duplicates by holding Ctrl button on your keyboard. Alternatively, if you have many duplicates (more than original contacts), select all contacts by clicking Ctrl + A and then deselect individual contacts you want to keep by clicking on each contact while holding Ctrl.
  5. When you are done with your duplicate management click delete button on your keyboard to delete selected duplicates.

You should now have your contacts folder free of duplicates. But unfortunately, this way is really inconvenient and time-consuming. Luckily, there is a way to delete those duplicates automatically. Download and install Deduper for Outlook and remove duplicate contacts in a single click.