How to Retrieve Deleted Emails from Outlook?

If you are among those people who want to recover files which you have deleted accidentally, then here is a great guide for you. In this easy to understand outlook help guide, we have provided ways to recover deleted items.

  1. If the Outlook in your PC/Laptop is configured to MS Exchange mail server, then you can seek the help of your network administrator to help you recover deleted files. You will have no worries as your network administrator will himself do all the process required to recover the files. This method is the easiest one to recover your deleted files.
  2. Here is another method to help you recover your files in case your network administrator is unable to help you. There is a built in option in MS Outlook which will help you to recover your files. To do this process, open MS Outlook. Select File. Under that select restore deleted files option. It will open a dialog box with the list of recoverable files. If you are willing to recover files selectively, then select files by clicking on boxes provided near the file names. Remember if your files are not available in the list of recoverable files then you cannot recover your files using this method. Then you have to try the next method.
  3. Backing up your files frequently will help you in case of problems like this. Luckily if you have created back up of outlook files then you can restore it. If the files that you have deleted are present in that back-up, then you are out of the problem. If required deleted file is not present in that back up you cannot recover them. Hence make it a habit to take a backup of Outlook files frequently.
  4. Manually restoring using .pst file is another way to recover your deleted files. To find out the .pst files select C drive and select users. Then select local settings. Under that select application data followed by Microsoft outlook. Then select required files and restore them. The above mentioned path will slightly differ for Windows 7 and Vista users.
  5. If the previous method doesn't work then you have to download some external application to recover deleted files. After downloading the application, run them and follow instructions provided on the screen. This software is mostly easy to use and you can recover your deleted files without any hiccups. But the problem is that these applications are not trustworthy. Few such applications may contain viruses and malwares in them. Hence you should be careful while downloading any external application.