How to Sync Outlook and Google Apps for Free?

TIP: Latest version of Topalt Sync for Google and iCloud allows to sync your Outlook calendar and contacts with Google automatically.

Most Outlook users do not know that it is possible to Sync Outlook and Google Applications for free. This method works only if your Outlook version is no later than 2010. If your Outlook Version is 2013 or later then you are limited to sync only your emails. Calendars, Tasks and other stuff cannot be synced. In this case use Topalt Sync software.

Using this synchronizing option you can easily sync Outlook and Google Applications. It is compatible with Outlook 2010, 2007, 2003 and with Windows Vista and XP. It also supports Outlook for MAC 2011. Here are steps to follow which will guide you in App Sync.

  • You have to download syncing utility from Google first. Before that make sure that you are not logged into the Outlook Client.
  • When you click on the Download Option, the application will automatically install. When your OS throws message to confirm download, just confirm it.
  • After the application is installed successfully, you will be asked to provide your Login credentials. These credentials are the same which you use for logging into Gmail.
  • Be careful in selecting required files that you want to import.
  • Ensure that Junk and deleted email options are left unchecked.
  • Turn off Auto-archive option from the advanced option. If you want to maintain a copy of all emails in archive, then you can leave Auto-archive on.
  • Click on Create your profile option. This will begin the procedure of profile creation.

Once this process is over, you can start your Outlook. Once you start it, synchronization will begin. Outlook creates folders and emails within a memory cap of 1 GB. You can also change this storage size based on your requirement. To do this, select the respective icon in Outlook tray which will enable you to fix the size of the mailbox.

After executing the above-mentioned steps, you will successfully complete synchronization between Outlook and Google Apps. Now you can start using your Email.