How to sync Outlook calendar with iPhone?

TIP: Latest version of Topalt Sync for iCloud allows to sync calendar automatically just by entering login info.

Are you in need of a synced calendar on Outlook and iPhone? You are not alone - many users find it more convenient of having the same synced calendar across their devices. This way you can view, edit or delete those appointments on any device and it is then synced automatically.

iPhone synchronization with Outlook requires your iPhone to be configured with iCloud. Most likely, you already have it configured, but if not, follow this link to do this.

Software that needs to access iClould data must also have a separate app-specific password (it cannot use your regular iCloud password). Follow this link, to create the app-specific password.

At this point, you should have your iPhone configure with iCloud and have an app-specific password ready. And now, here comes the easy part - download Topalt Sync for iCloud and install it. When you run it for the first time, just enter your login info (use app-specific password) and any changes made on your computer or iPhone are synchronized.