How to sync Outlook contacts with iPhone?

TIP: Latest version of Topalt Sync for iCloud allows to sync contacts automatically just by entering login info.

You can use the same contacts in your Outlook and Google. In fact, you should be using the same contacts on both devices, to make sure that no duplicates or incomplete data are created.

iPhone synchronization with Outlook requires your iPhone to be configured with iCloud. Once you do that, all your contact data from iPhone should be also synced to the iCloud contacts. Follow this link, to configure your iPhone with iCloud, if you do not already have it done.

Now, when you have your iPhone's contacts on iCloud you can use iCloud service to sync to Outlook. You should generate an app-specific password for your iCloud, for the software to use. Follow this link, to create the app-specific password.

Finally, download Topalt Sync for iCloud and install it. Run the software, click "Add" button to add a synced contacts folder and proceed with the wizard (make sure to enter your app-specific password, not your regular password). Once finished, your Outlook contacts should be synced with iPhone and continue to be updated, if any changes are made on either device.