How to use Altsync for Outlook?


To use Altsync you have to make sure that all computers are using different email accounts and have Altsync installed on them.

ExampleComputer 1 - [email protected]
Computer 2 - [email protected]
Computer 3 - [email protected]

It can't be:
Computer 1 - [email protected]
Computer 2 - [email protected]
Computer 3 - [email protected]

Starting Altsync for Outlook

Click Start menu > Programs > Topalt > Altsync for Outlook to start Altsync.

Adding a user to share with

When you open Altsync window you should see this:

Main Altsync Window
  1. Select a folder you want to share on the left part of the window.
  2. Click "Add" to add a user email you want to share the folder with.
  3. Wait a few minutes before all items gets sent.

That's it!

Note: only items created/modified from this point of time gets synchronized, if you want to synchronize all items (including past items), click "Resync All".

Accepting a share

  1. On the receiving computer click Send/Receive (F9).
  2. You should get an offer to share a folder - accept this offer and select a folder to place this shared folder to.

That's it! From now on all changes on all computers gets synchronized.

Sharing Outlook folders with Altsync is that easy!