How to use Convert PPTfor PowerPoint?

Starting Convert PPT

Click Start menu > Programs > Topalt > Convert PPT for PowerPoint for Outlook to start Convert PPT. Convert PPT window should open, click next to select your task:

Convert PPT Window

Selecting PowerPoint presentation

In the third step select PowerPoint presentation you want to convert. Then select windows folder where files should be outputted.

Convert PPT Window

Click next to go to the fourth step (additional options):

Convert PPT Window

  • You can use a custom icon for converted file, just specify this icon in first field of the fourth wizard step.
  • To play the music during presentation specify music file in the second field.
  • Convert PPT allows you to change slides by mouse click or automatically every few seconds.
  • Check "Loop" checkbox to loop presentation. When it gets to the last slide, it starts again from the first, if this options is checked.

Now, click next to go to the last wizard page. Review all your settings and click "Finish" to generate an exe file.

Converting presentations to exe file with Convert PPT is that easy!