How to use Dupe Remover for Outlook Express and Windows Mail?

Starting Dupe Remover

Click Start menu > Programs > Topalt > Dupe Remover for Outlook Express and Windows Mail to start Dupe Remover.

Searching for duplicates

When Dupe Remover opens you should see this window:

Dupe Remover Window

To begin searching:

  1. Select some folders to search in "Search in Folders" panel (left part of the window).
  2. Click "Search" button.
  3. Duplicates will appear on "Found Duplicates" panel once found.

Tweaking duplicate search settings

If you are happy with found duplicates - skip this step, if not - read on. To change duplicate search settings - click "Search Settings" button. This window appears:

Dupe Remover Window

Duplicates are found by comparing fields checked on "Search Settings". If selected fields are exactly the same on all items, they are considered to be duplicates. Select more fields to find less, more accurate duplicates. Alternatively, select less fields to find more duplicates.

Tweaking duplicate removal settings

With default settings duplicates are marked for removal according to their Creation Time - item that was created later is kept and the other is marked for removal. Default removal action is to remove duplicates to "Deleted Items". If you want to change these settings - click "Removal Settings". This window appears:

Dupe Remover Window

It is possible to specify which item will be marked as duplicate based on creation time or size. There are also two available duplicate removal methods such as deleting or moving to folder. Once you are done with these settings - click "Search Results" to go back to search results.

Removing found duplicates

After search is finished, click "Remove" to remove duplicates. Duplicates are removed!

Removing duplicates with Dupe Remover is that easy!