How to use Syncsi for Outlook?

How to use Syncsi

Syncsi can be used to synchronize Outlook folders using portable storage device. You can save Outlook folders to your USB flash drive, then plug this flash drive to other computer and restore those folders to Outlook.

Installing Syncsi for Outlook

Syncsi is designed to be used as a portable application. Therefore, we recommend to install it to portable storage device, such as USB flash drive, SSD card, external hard drive and etc.

Starting Syncsi

Locate Syncsi folders on your portable device and double click Syncsi.exe to start Syncsi.

Saving Outlook folders with Syncsi

When Syncsi opens on a computer with Outlook installed, you can save Outlook folders along with Syncsi to your portable device:

Syncsi Window

To save Outlook folders:

  1. Select some folders to save in "Outlook Folders" panel (left part of the window).
  2. Click "Save" button.
  3. Outlook folders are saved to your flash drive and can be restored or viewed with Syncsi anywhere.

Viewing or restoring Outlook folders with Syncsi

When you have some folders save with Syncsi, you can restore them to Outlook, or just view them, if no Outlook is installed on computer where you open Syncsi. Click "Disk Folders" to view or restore the folders:

Syncsi Window

To restore Disk folders to Outlook:

  1. Right click on the folder you want to restore (in "Disk Folders" panel - left part of the window) and choose Outlook folder you want to restore it to.
  2. Check this folder for restore.
  3. Click "Restore" button.
  4. Disk folders are restored to Outlook.

Syncsi Settings

Syncsi folders can be protected by password. Click "Settings" to do that, you will be asked for password, once you do this:

Syncsi Window

Synchronizing Outlook folders with Syncsi is that easy!