How to use Topalt Auto Reply for Outlook?

Starting Topalt Auto Reply for Outlook

If you have just installed Topalt Auto Reply - restart Outlook. After you have restarted Outlook, add-in should begin working automatically, no additional configuration is required.

Configuring Topalt Auto Reply for Outlook

You should see the newly appeared Topalt Auto Reply toolbar. In Outlook 2007, 2010 and 2013 it looks like this:

Add-ins Tab

Click Topalt Auto Reply icon to open Topalt Auto Reply settings window.

Configuration Window

Topalt Auto Reply  settings window

First, click Add button to add some folders that should be monitored for new emails. If an email is received to this folder, auto reply is generated.

Enter reply as plain text in Reply Text column.

Alternatively you can use Auto Reply add-in together with Email Templates add-in to generate a reply in HTML format. When you install Email Templates add-in, you can choose the template that is used for a reply in Email Templates column.

If both Email Templates and Reply Text columns are specified, Reply Text is ignored.

Using Sender Name in Reply Text

Auto Reply add-in can automatically insert sender name in your reply, type ---Name--- in reply text and this text will be replaced with sender name once the reply is generated.

Auto Reply Action

Once the reply is generated there are 3 available actions:

  1. Save reply to drafts - reply is not sent but saved to drafts folder.
  2. Display reply - reply is not sent but saved to drafts folder and displayed to user.
  3. Send reply - reply is sent automatically once generated.