How to use Topalt Folder Notify for Outlook?

Starting Topalt Folder Notify for Outlook

If you have just installed Topalt Folder Notify - restart Outlook. After you have restarted Outlook, add-in should begin working automatically, no additional configuration is required.

Configuring Topalt Folder Notify for Outlook

You should see the newly appeared Topalt Folder Notify toolbar. In Outlook 2007, 2010 and 2013 it looks like this:

Add-ins Tab

Click Topalt Folder Notify icon to open Topalt Folder Notify settings window.

Configuration Window

Topalt Attachment Reminder settings window

First. select folders which should be monitored for changes by checking them.

Next, check Fade Desktop Notification setting, if you want for notifications to automatically fade out and close. If unchecked, all notifications are not closed automatically and can be closed by clicking close button.

Finally, check events when you want get the notification - item add/change/delete event.