How to use Topalt Mail Merge for Outlook?

Starting Topalt Mail Merge for Outlook

If you have just installed Topalt Mail Merge - restart Outlook. After you have restarted Outlook, add-in should begin working automatically, no additional configuration is required.

Using Topalt Mail Merge for Outlook

New button Personalized Send should appear on mail compose window. In Outlook 2007, 2010 and 2013 it looks like this:

Topalt Mail Merge Tab

Compose Personalized Emails

Compose email as usual, but type ---Name--- to insert recipient name into the email. Click Personalized Send to send email to each recipient separately. ---Name--- is replaced with recipients name in each email.

Limiting Email Sending

Click Topalt Mail Merge arrow icon to open Topalt Mail Merge settings window.

Topalt Mail Merge Tab

First, specify time on which separate emails are generated. E. g. if you choose 10 seconds, each 10 seconds a new email is generated.

Second, specify how often emails are sent out. E. g. if you specify to generate emails each 10 seconds, and choose to send out these emails each 5 minutes - each 5 minutes 30 emails gets sent (6 emails per minute generated multiplied by 5 minutes).

Finally, Default Name specifies what name to use for recipients without name (just email address).