How to use vCard ImportExport?

Starting vCard ImportExport

Click Start menu > Programs > Topalt > vCard Import Export to start vCard ImportExport. vCard ImportExport window should open, click next to select your task:

vCard ImportExport Window

Importing vCards to Outlook

In the third step select Outlook folder where to import vCards to. Then select windows folder with vCard files - all vCard files that exists in this folder will be imported, you do not need to select each vCard file.

vCard ImportExport Window

Click next to go to the fourth step (duplicate management options):

vCard ImportExport Window

vCard ImportExport offers duplicate management while importing. There are three options available:

  1. Accept duplicates - no duplicate management
  2. Replace existing contact with imported - imported contact overwrites existing contact in Outlook
  3. Keep existing contact - imported contact does not import if similar exists in Outlook

Exporting Outlook contacts to vCard files

In the third step select Outlook folder which you want to export as vCard files. Then select windows folder where to save those vCard files.

Click next to go to export options:

vCard ImportExport Window

Check "Export contacts modified within this date range" to limit contacts to be exported to contacts that were modified during this date range. This is useful for recurrent exports to exclude contacts that were already exported previously.

When you check this option, you can change the default filter to any filter you like (e.g. to limit contacts by creation time, first name and etc). Click "Edit Filter" to change this filter. Click here to read more on how to use this filter.

Check "Save all contacts to one file" to export single vCard file, which holds all your contacts. If this option is unchecked, each contact is exported to separate vCard file.

Using vCard ImportExport from command line

It is possible to use vCard ImportExport from command line. Click here to read how.