Track Outlook Email Response Times

TIP: Latest version of Topalt Reports for Outlook allows to generate reports on average response times automatically.

If you use Outlook to connect with your customers one of the most important things that they pay attention to is email response time. So this metric is the one that best defines your customer service success.

We are all becoming frustrated with the never-ending e-mails our companies receive, each day of the week, which makes it more and more difficult to stay on top of them.

But unfortunately, it is not possible to view email response times using only Outlook itself. Luckily, as Outlook is easily expandable, by using add-ins, such functionality can always be added using additional software. Here is where Topalt Reports come in handy - it offers you the power to monitor e-mail quantity by way of a variety of standards into how quickly your company e-mails are coped with, giving you a useful insight.

Together with the typical office worker spending above a quarter of their working day on electronic mail, is not it about time you got the best from your Outlook?