Deduper - Outlook duplicate remover does exactly as the name suggests, it searches and removes all duplicates; whether that's appointments, contacts, notes, tasks or emails. It can find thousands of items in one instance, and you have the ability to manually check everything that has been detected, in which you can cancel or delete or move the item.

Deduper completely eliminates the need to manually delete duplicates in favor of a completely automated system for novices and experts - it doesn't matter your skill level because we combine advanced features with a simple UI.

Deduper is the easy way to remove duplicates in Outlook.

Use Cases

  • Remove duplicate emails in Outlook.
  • Merge duplicate contacts in Outlook.
  • Delete duplicate calendars in Outlook.

Main Benefits

  • Easy to use for beginners, powerful for advanced users.
  • No complex wizard to go thru. Can be run with one mouse click.
  • Do not lose any important data, merge duplicate contacts and other types of items (emails or calendar).
  • Allows previewing duplicated items before removing them.
  • Allows customizing scanning options for duplicated data detection to fit every situation.
  • Has multiple ways of dealing with duplicate items (delete duplicates in Outlook, move to another folder, merge duplicates or add subject prefix).
  • Can search across the folders.
  • Works with all types of folders (emails (messages), calendar, contacts, journal, notes, and tasks).
  • Works with latest Outlook 2019/365 and older Outlook 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007 and 2003 (both 32 and 64-bit versions).

Deduper Pricing

You can try Deduper for free.

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