Get Topalt Add-Ins Bundle for just $29.95. Bundle includes 12 add-ins:

ScheduledSend (Email Scheduler) Email Scheduler for Microsoft Outlook.
Topalt Hotkeys Hotkeys Utility for Microsoft Outlook.
Topalt Emoticons Bring more emotions to your emails.
Topalt Attachment Reminder Never forget to include an attachment.
Topalt Save PDF Save emails as PDF files.
Topalt Auto Bcc Automatically Add BCCs to Your Emails.
Topalt Mail Merge Send mass emails quickly.
Topalt Send Reminders Send calendar reminders as emails.
Topalt Folder Notify Be informed about changes on shared folders.
Topalt Reply Reminder Reply All warning add-in.
Topalt Auto Reply Automatically reply to emails.
Topalt Email Templates Insert templates on a variety of topics.
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