What is the difference between Altsync and Syncsi?

We have two products than enable you to share, sync your Outlook folders - Altsync and Syncsi. So, what is the difference between them?

The main difference between these programs is the way the synchronization between two computers occurs:

  • With Altsync all synchronization is carried by emails (items are converted to emails, then sent to another computer, then converted back), so there is a requirement that each computer should have it's own, separate email addresses.
  • With Syncsi data is transferred using portable storage devices - such as USB flash drive (ThumbDrive) or SD Card. Install Syncsi to this storage device, run it to save all Outlook data to this device. It then can be plugged to another computer for this data to be copied to this computer's Outlook. So, there is a requirement that you can access both computers that you want to synchronize physically.

Syncsi has an additional benefit - you can use it as a backup tool, or preview the items anywhere you want, even on computers without Outlook installed.

Main differences:

Requirement Altsync Syncsi
Synchronizing computers must use different email addresses YES NO
Must have physical access to computers you want to synchronize NO YES
Synchronization happens automatically YES - Altsync monitors your Outlook for changes and syncs automatically NO - you have to run Syncsi everytime you want to synchronize